Last week, we crossed the state exploring "our" five NC House districts. What about YOUR districts? We can't cover all of them here, so instead we'll give you step-by-step suggestions for doing it yourself!

First, you have to know what districts you're in, and they're different for different national, state, and local races - so you're in a bunch. Our first stop is the NC State Board of Elections, which will serve three purposes:

  • discover the resources that are available on that website
  • be sure you're registered to vote
  • find out what districts you're in for various races

Let's get started with NC SBOE. Take a moment to look at the menu options and nose around, there's a lot of info here.

Next, click voter/absentee lookup, which will take you to a form requesting your name and county. Hit submit and take a deep breath while it looks for you. If you're registered, you'll soon see a page that says "active" and has your county and name.

Click on your name and voila, a goldmine! You'll see your personal information, polling place, sample ballots (when they're available), voting history, and absentee requests. The pot of gold we're looking for is under Jurisdictions.

Yours will be different, of course, but you can make a note of all this info to make it easier to find YOUR candidates - which we'll do tomorrow!

Update (5/15/18): Ballots for the 2018 general election in November are not available yet. When they are, you can find yours by checking your registration at NCSBOE. It should be at bottom of page.

If you're NOT registered and think you should be, find and contact your county board of elections here. If you haven't registered yet in NC, start here. It's always a good idea to check your voter registration status one to two months before an election.

Updated 5/15/2018

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