2-20It seems that every day district lines for different offices are getting drawn, redrawn, thrown out, overruled, appealed, redrawn again. It's hard to keep up! The candidate filing period is open now, and the folks at the NC Free Enterprise Foundation are updating their candidate tracker regularly. Take a look to see who's running for what offices in your districts: candidate tracker.

Not sure what districts you're in for all these races? Well, the NCGA website isn't making it easy to find out. First check here. Then check here. Feeling crazy yet? Ask your county Board of Elections, find contact info here.

We know who we have to thank for this confusion, let's vote for candidates who support fair, non-partisan redistricting!

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Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org

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