“Exec Summary” - Together We Will North Carolina is now Stamp NC Blue. From now until November 6, 2018, we will focus our energies on get out the vote (GOTV) postcard campaigns for key competitive areas of North Carolina. We’ll do this by forming postcard teams (more info & sign up here) and using our Facebook group to feature posts and encourage discussion on issues related to the 2018 midterm elections in NC: candidates, issues at play in the election, the latest updates on the gerrymandering and redistricting cases, and what we’re doing to GOTV for 2018. Want more info? Keep reading.

Background: Our group, Together We Will North Carolina (TWWNC), began in late November / early December 2016 and quickly started focusing on providing easy-to-do actions to save our democracy in this state and country and cultivating a sense of community both on- and off-line. In December 2017 and into January of this year, active Facebook group members, lead volunteers, and board members began discussing where our group was headed. Through these conversations, we decided to become Stamp NC Blue.

Stamp NC Blue will take what we’ve learned and built over the past 15 months as TWWNC and focus our time and energy in ways that can (and WILL) make a measurable difference in North Carolina this year. Specifically, we are going to help increase voter turnout in competitive districts in our state and bring fair and representative election results to the North Carolina General Assembly.

We will continue providing easy-to-do actions and cultivating a sense of community both on- and off-line, but we’ll be doing it by focusing on GOTV efforts. Here’s what we are starting with…

Who are the voters we are reaching? We are working with Indivisible FLIP NC to identify districts in North Carolina that are competitive, but unlikely to be targeted by door-to-door GOTV canvas efforts due to their geography — mainly rural parts of our state where the voting districts span across a long distance.

What will we do? We plan on four rounds of postcard campaigns during designated times over the next nine months.

How will we do it? You! We are asking our members to join (or lead!) postcard teams. These teams will be made up of 10 or more people, and each team will be responsible for 100 (or more) voter postcards per round. Get more info & sign up for a postcard team here.

Why are we doing postcards? Research shows that repeated contacts with voters (by mail, phone, and/or in-person) is the best way to ensure people actually go vote. Postcards are a quick and easy way to do voter outreach.

As we’ve been developing this plan, we’ve talked to other local, regional, and even national groups doing GOTV work in North Carolina this year. Groups like Neighbors on Call and Durham Democratic Women, as well as You Can Vote, Flippable, America Votes, Postcards to Voters, 5 Calls, and more. We’ll continue conversations with those groups and others we meet along the way. We want to complement, not duplicate, what other groups are doing.

Last but not least - another major change you will notice is how our Facebook group operates. Effective now we are a fully moderated group with curated posts. We’ll offer one post per day related to our focus on the 2018 NC midterm elections. You’ll see posts about candidates, issues at play in the election, the latest updates on the gerrymandering and redistricting cases, and what we’re doing to GOTV. Have an idea for a post? Great - please email us at info@stampncblue.org

We’re really excited about this and hope you are too! We welcome your questions and comments. Let’s Stamp NC Blue! Start here.

Interested in helping Stamp NC Blue via donations? Donate here (goes to a different site)

Disclaimer: Stamp NC Blue is not authorized by, financed by, or affiliated with any candidate or campaign. Questions? Contact info@stampncblue.org

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